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  • Skinny Expert
    This is the expert version of the default theme for PivotX. After you have finished studying the normal Skinny theme you could examine this one which has some additional f
  • Fashionista
    A theme inspired by fashion. It's clean looks and bright colors are fashionable indeed. PixelPrinses ported this theme to PivotX (original author Genkisan ).
  • Clarity
    Clarity is a liquid Wordpress theme ported to PivotX. It's ready for the Gallery extension.
  • Andreas
    Andreas is what used to be the Pivot default theme. This theme contains a two column version as well as a three column version.
  • Fluid Solution
    A three column fluid theme, originally designed for Wordpress by Arcsi.
  • Digg Style
    This theme is ported from Wordpress and based on a previous version of Digg . It has two columns and widget ready. This Digg theme is originally designed by Small Potato .
  • Digital Summer
    Digital Summer is a new theme to celebrate the release of PivotX RC. It has a handy tabbed tag/archive section made with jQuery. A theme with happy clouds and happy colors
  • Skinny
    This is the default theme for PivotX. It has all the common PivotX functionality built in. If you want to start developing themes yourself, this is a good one to tear apar
  • Starpower
    Star Power was originally developed as a Wordpress theme for the VPRO, a Dutch Public Televison Network. In the end they didn't use it and donated it to the public domain.
  • Journalist
    A clean and simple liquid theme, originally designed by Lucian E. Marin .

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