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  • Inagaddadavida
    A simple, two-column, fluid theme ported from Pivot 1. More experienced users can easily modify the theme's backgrounds, colours, and column widths to suit their needs. Th
  • Silver
    Another clean 2-column theme ported from Pivot 1 in subdued grey tones. A fluid/liquid design that is simple to modify. Includes a contact form extension by GBCF (Green Be
  • Clarity
    Clarity is a liquid Wordpress theme ported to PivotX. It's ready for the Gallery extension.
  • Basic
    Basic lives up to its name, a very basic theme that comes with multiple color schemes: red, greeen and blue.
  • Fluid Solution
    A three column fluid theme, originally designed for Wordpress by Arcsi.
  • Journalist
    A clean and simple liquid theme, originally designed by Lucian E. Marin .

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