Clarity is a liquid Wordpress theme ported to PivotX. It's ready for the Gallery extension.


A theme ported to PivotX by Lars Helbo (original design by It uses jQuery Roundabout to create a rotating 3D image gallery at the top of the front page.


Another clean 2-column theme ported from Pivot 1 in subdued grey tones. A fluid/liquid design that is simple to modify. Includes a contact form extension by GBCF (Green Beast Contact Form by Mike Cherim).


A playful theme with a different look by Lars Helbo. It is basically a simple two column design with the usual elements, but the graphics and the working clock make it somewhat different.

Skinny Expert

This is the expert version of the default theme for PivotX. After you have finished studying the normal Skinny theme you could examine this one which has some additional features built in.

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