Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted Coffee Beans is a modern, nifty and cool looking theme. Not only does it allow a massively configurable layout, but it is also SE optimized. Which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to have strong online presence.

It can be a nice template for any modern blog. Some of the theme's features:

* Three column theme
* Easily customizable sidebar and footer
* Can have either single column or double column sidebar
* Modern four column footer
* Multilevel navigation bar
* Auto-generated introduction if one has not been supplied
* Comment form Javascript validation
* SEO meta tags in place

Perfect for coffee fans worldwide or Java/J2EE developers ;)

IMPORTANT: Make sure to set always_jquery=1 in PivotX's advanced configuration. The latter
makes sure that jQuery library is loaded in the page header. It is required for comment form validation plugin.